Why you?

Not a bad question.

The Fauxpocalypse Project is what would probably be considered “Science Fiction”, but I am making a deliberate effort to reach out to authors who write other kinds of fiction.  The reason is that such an event, if it were to occur, would effect everyone–that’s the point. Consequently, I think that stories from writers who usually don’t write about giant comets destroying the Earth–or, in this case, not destroying the Earth–would give a different perspective.

I am a unregenerate genreoclast, a firm believer that the whole concept of one book/one genre/one shelf/one audience is a construct of the stranglehold that traditional chain booksellers used to have over the publishing industry, and the changes in how books are brought to the marketplace has made that sort of straightjacketing obsolete.

So, you’re a romance writer?  How do lovers deal with their last night on Earth, and how do they react to finding out it wasn’t their last night after all?  A crime writer? How does a detective continue to do his or her job when civilization is crumbling? A humorist? There’s plenty of humor to be found n the situation, or a dark macabre sort.

The point is, I want this project to be fresh voices, new perspectives on an old story.  I am looking for people to explore this concept from their own perspectives and find ways of looking at it that I would never have seen.

Otherwise I’d write the whole damn thing myself.

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