Doomsday Book

I just finished watching a Korean film called Doomsday Book

It’s divided into three short films that are three very different variations on the theme of the end of the world.  It’s on Netflix, and I recommend it.  The reason that I am recommending it here is that the third segment involves a meteor on a collision course with Earth, and there are little bits of Korean television that are both darkly humorous and eerily true to life, including an infomercial on portable bomb shelters.

It’s in Korean, with subtitles, but that didn’t keep the stories from engaging me.  The first segment is about a virus epidemic that turns people into zombies, and while I think that’s a theme that has been (pardon the pun) done to death, I thought it was handled well, focusing on a likable schlemiel and how the disaster effects him personally.

The second segment is, in my opinion, the most powerful, about a robot in a Buddhist monastery who achieves enlightenment,   and the third, as I said, involves a killer meteor–which is actually something quite different–heading towards Earth.

So, even if you’re not planning on writing something for the project, I think this movie is worth checking out.  And if you are, the last segment might give you some ideas.

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