Not Long Before The End

What I have been up to lately.


I am in the habit of converting my work in progress to .mobi periodically and loading it into my Kindle.  As an editing tool, I find that reading my words on my Kindle screen gives me a much different perspective than reading it over on my desktop in Open Office.

It’s funny, but I notice more.  It may be that when I see it as a document in a word processor my internal editor judges it by a different standard.  Reading my WIP on my Kindle makes it look like a real book, and that makes me view it much more critically.

Be that as it may, I read through Cannibal Hearts as far as I’ve gotten over the last couple of days, and, you know, it’s pretty darned good.  Yeah, I’ve got some issues that are going to need addressing before I publish, continuity stuff like trying to keep…

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