What light through friggin’ yonder window breaks? ’tis a post!

I admitted when I started this project that I had no idea what I was doing.  And that’s still true, but I have learned some things, and chief among them is that doing multiple projects at the same time is not something that I do well.

I have been deep in Cannibal Hearts, and I just haven’t made time for this.  I’m not good at spreading my focus.

However, my first draft of Cannibal Hearts is done, and the editing that I will be doing on it in the near future will be minor, typos and continuity.  So I should be able to give this project the time and attention that it deserves.

Over this weekend I hope to reread all of the submissions that I have received and see how they will fit together.  I am not sure of the total word count, but I know that it’s not as much as I’d like.  So if you have something you’d like to send me, I’d love to see it.  For those who have already sent me stories, maybe you’d consider expanding them, or even coming up with another story.

Again, I apologize for neglecting this for so long.  I bit off more than I could chew, and I choked on it for a while.  I’d love to say that it’ll never happen again, but I’d be lying.

Now… where was that damned comet again?

3 thoughts on “What light through friggin’ yonder window breaks? ’tis a post!

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  2. imitationwriter

    I am interested in submitting something for this, but I’ve also recently been bitten by the multiple projects monster, so I can’t really commit fully. I am very interested in the end product in any case.


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