I wish you listeners at home could see what I am seeing now…

Saw grindstone, put nose to same.

I have been sending out nagging little e-mails to all of my contributors, thanking them for their patience, giving notes where I felt they were warranted, and generally letting people know that I am going forward on this again.

I’ve also converted all of the submissions I have to Open Office (since that’s what I use) and making things like font and line spacing the same so that I have some idea what it’s going to look like as a finished product.

The short form is that I have some really good stuff, I just don’t have enough of it.  I need more submissions.  Twenty thousand words just isn’t enough, in my opinion, to publish.

So, please, if you have considered submitting a story… consider it some more.  Consider it hard.  Operators, as they say, are standing by.


8 thoughts on “I wish you listeners at home could see what I am seeing now…

  1. schevusosborne

    I am just finishing my first draft of the submission I’m working on right now. I have one more in the pipe before I’m free to look at new projects. If that ends up being a reasonable timeline to put something together for this, I will. You are planning to self-publish this as an ebook anthology, correct? At the very least, I’d be happy to beta-read / proofread.

    1. MishaBurnett Post author

      Yes I am planning to publish as an e-book on Amazon, probably with POD copies on CreateSpace (I’d like to be able to give all the contributors actual books, since the proceeds will be donated to Reporters Without Borders).

      Please do consider submitting when you have time. I’ll be posting regular updates here, so you can see the timeline as it develops.


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