All the news that’s fit to print.

I have seen a number of replies from writers who like the basic idea of this collection, but complain that they can’t think of a story.  Well, I can certainly relate to that–I deliberately made this world as open-ended as I could, but I can see how that could be a little intimidating.

When you can go anywhere, where do you start?

So, in an effort to spark some ideas, I have come up with a few story seeds, which I will scatter on the fertile ground of the collective WordPress mind, in the hopes that they will sprout and flower and grow, bursting into new life to seek the gentle rain of inspiration and the bright sun of exegesis, twining their leafy frond thingies hither and yon, rather like this increasingly labored metaphor.

So, let’s imagine:

  • An animal shelter, full to overflowing with pets abandoned by people in the last days, and the staff who must suddenly find ways to care for the animals without proper supplies.
  • A military submarine, sent under the polar ice to ride out the impact, coming up months after the supposed end to find that there was no end.
  • A group of utility workers, trying to restore power after the plants were abandoned and not properly shut down. (This one I took from one of my contributors, who advanced it as one possible plot, then chose a different story to write.)
  • A refugee from rioting in a major city who comes upon a small town in which everyone has committed suicide.
  • A person who takes advantage of the world ending to do some horrible thing, and then has to live with the memory.
  • A scientist coming to terms with being wrong about the end.
  • A small group of armed survivors who take over a food warehouse and use their control of the food supply to control the local population.
  • A lone television reporter who chose to keep broadcasting until the end, and then beyond.
  • Someone who takes credit for the world not ending, and the group that believes.
  • A Village People tribute band who must make a harrowing journey across a nation in chaos, to save the soul of a young boy–with music.

Okay, so maybe some are better than others, but the point is that there are a lot of different places to go.  Feel free to take what you like, chew it up, and see if anything happens.


One thought on “All the news that’s fit to print.

  1. paws4puzzles

    I have a couple more ideas (and no I’m not writing another story!)
    1. A person in a mental institution, because they said all along the world was NOT going to end and no one believed them.
    2. A woman who discovers she’s pregnant a couple of months after the fauxpocalypse with no idea who the father is.


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