Now we’re cooking with dilithium crystals!

I’ve gotten three more submissions since my last blog, and the word count is over 35,000, which isn’t even an accurate count, since several of the submissions I have are incomplete and the final count will be longer.

Boo-ya! I would like to shoot for 80,000 words altogether, so we’re edging up on the halfway mark.  But there is still lots of room for more stories, folks.

I cannot adequately describe just how amazing it is to read the stories that other people have written in the world I made.  I get to do what is, for me, the fun stuff–coming up with an idea, building the idea into a world–and other people do the heavy lifting for me.

I’m excited.  I really think that this is going to be something great, a bunch of stories tied together but going off into such different directions.  I’m having a lot of fun with it, and I hope all the contributors are enjoying it as much as I am.

Maybe I’m cut out to be an editor.  I get such a thrill every time I get a submission.  I’m really looking forward to putting together my next one, which I’ve already decided is going to be a collection of Paranormal Romance stories written by men.  I think seeing how men specifically tackle the topic is going to be fun.

I have so many writer friends who are women, though, that I am considering doing another at the same time.  Maybe something in Horror.  Or with Pirates.  Or Cats.  Or Horrible Pirate Cats.  Horrible Pirate Cats On Ice! Okay needs work…

Anyway, right now it’s The Fauxpocalypse Project, and this is where I am going to be focusing my energy.  Yes, I am still editing Cannibal Hearts, but that’s pretty mechanical and frankly boring at this point.  So my creative energy is going to be going into this.

To everyone who has contributed, thank you so much.  You deserve for this to be an outstanding book, and I will do all in my power to make it one.  When we get closer to the target wordcount I will be contacting you about crowdsourcing the editing–basically sending everyone a proof copy of the manuscript to edit.  It will be voluntary, but I do hope you’ll at least look over the other stories.  More eyes catch more errors.

To everyone who hasn’t contributed, there is still time.  I want more stories, damnit!  Please, at least consider the idea.

Onward!  Fortune Favors The Bold!

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