In Which Your Humble Narrator’s Head Asplodes

As I have explained in a private e-mail to the Contributor’s List, I am in communication with a small press regarding publication of The Fauxpocalypse Project.

The reasoning behind this is simple.

First, I want this project (and subsequent ones) to be published as a business venture, by the rules, with a fair deal for everyone involved, to avoid any ugly arguments later on and to, it is hoped, generate a little pizza money for all the contributors (including me.)

Second, I am terrible at business.  I am phobic about forms and legal paperwork.  Filing a 1040EZ form with one W2 and standard deductions is a major ordeal for me.  I have, more than once, given away a car because I could not bring myself to navigate the maze of paperwork necessary to register it.

I am convinced that if I try to handle the business and paperwork end of this I will do something wrong and then the faceless men will come out of the shadows and take me away. (There are people who doubt the existence of the Sunless Labyrinth under the streets where People Who Do Things Wrong are endlessly tormented by the Faceless Men.  Of course we have no eyewitness reports–no one who is taken there ever comes back!)

But I digress.  The point is that I know someone who is able to handle the paperwork and has a line of what I feel are quality books and is looking to increase the press’s inventory.  Both of us believe that working together can be mutually beneficial.

There are, however, details to be worked out, and that involves doing research into how anthology contracts work and what phrases like “first publication rights” mean.

I do want to make it clear that I am going forward with this. I think that it can be done through an existing publisher, and we are working on that, but if for some reason that can’t be made to happen, I will go forward with my original concept of simply donating all of the proceeds to charity.

So, one way or another, The Fauxpocalypse Project will see the light of day.  I am committed to that. So, please, if you have a story in the works, keep working on it and feel free to send me what you have. I still have room for more, and I’d rather this collection run on the long side than be too short.

Thank you all for your patience.

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