Forty Six Thousand

Okay, so we are rocketing along pretty good right now, over 46,000 words.  At the moment we still have three stories that are incomplete (you know who you are) and I have two more contributors who have said that they are working on stories, but haven’t sent me anything yet.

I need to start thinking about when I am going to consider the collection “finished”.  We are not there yet, but I want to make sure that everyone who wants to contribute has the chance to do so.

So, if you want to write something for the Fauxpocalypse, please drop me a line and let me know that you are planning on contributing, even if you don’t have anything in shape yet.  I will put you on the super secret contributors only e-mail list, so I can pester you send you the latest updates.

Also, I am still trying to come up with a cover.  I do have one idea that a contributor suggested that I like, but I am open to more.  I will probably have to make do with my own graphic design skills combined with public domain images, unless anyone knows an artist who would be willing to work on commission.


2 thoughts on “Forty Six Thousand

  1. schevusosborne

    For a cover, I would highly recommend the artist that did the anthology covers for the two anthos I mentioned previously. You can see all of his covers here:

    Black Wind’s Whisper’s and Marching Time are the anthos my buddy is affiliated with. I know he’s working on a percentage royalty for his work on those, but I’m also told he accepts flat commission work. I have no idea what the price range is there. As a potential contributor, I think it’s very important to get a high quality cover. On that front, my piece is sitting around 1200 words. Planning on working on it more tonight.


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