I am beginning to see why apocalyptic literature is so popular.

I have been researching starting a business, and what kind of business to start, and what a “registered agent” is, and the difference between a Limited Liability Corporation and a Limited Liability Partnership and what an EIN is and why I need one and so on and so forth…

At this point I’m thinking, If this is civilization, let’s have a little savagery! 

I mean, seriously, hordes of zombies or alien invaders would be cake compared to this nonsense.  Bring on the killer comet!  Then all I would have to worry about are things like how to build a water filtration system out of scavenged parts and distilling fuel for my pistol-grip chainsaw, and I can do that stuff, no problem.

Ah, well.  Once more into the breach, comrades, and curst be he who first cries “Hold, enough!” Let slip the dogs of bureaucracy and cry, “What the Hell’s a Fictitious Name Registration?”

Every now and then I stop myself and think, “Start a corporation?  What is wrong with me?”

Honestly, though, I think that this is the best way to achieve my dreams.  If I can’t get The Man to work with me, well, then, I will just have to become The Man.

Audentes Fortuna iuvat!

3 thoughts on “I am beginning to see why apocalyptic literature is so popular.

    1. MishaBurnett Post author

      I’ve seen people start a business from the back of a van and then run into all kinds of trouble when they try to expand. If I’m going to do this I want to make sure I’m doing it right from the start.


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