Logo feedback requested


Okay, I have decided to go with “Bold Fortune Press” as the name of my new company, because of my oft-repeated catchphrase “Fortune Favors The Bold” (the Latin version of which appears as the last line in the image.)

So, comments? How does it look?

The image used is by MzSusanB, and is used by permission.

4 thoughts on “Logo feedback requested

  1. Dave Higgins

    The flying lady is a good image. It might be worth checking there is no issue with using a recognisable product symbol though.

    The use of lower case “r” in the main text when the rest is upper case (or indistinguishable) looks odd to me, especially as the “r” in Fortuna is upper case.

    1. MishaBurnett Post author

      Yeah, I like every other letter in that font–I don’t know why it doesn’t use a capital R. And the hood ornament is from a car company that is no longer in business, so I doubt there will be problems there.


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