Fauxpocalypse Print Edition is Now Available

Amazon are just setting up the details on the last few regions, so by the time you read this the paperback edition should be available.

So, your options are now:

Amazon Kindle Edition

Smashwords Ebook Edition

Amazon Paperback Edition

Webstore Direct Paperback Edition

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About Dave Higgins

Dave Higgins writes speculative fiction, often with a dark edge. Despite forays into the mundane worlds of law and IT, he was unable to escape the liminal zone between mystery and horror. A creature of contradictions, he also co-writes comic sci-fi with Simon Cantan. Born in the least mystically significant part of Wiltshire, England, and raised by a librarian, he started reading shortly after birth and hasn’t stopped since. He lives with his wife, two cats, a plush altar to Lord Cthulhu, and many shelves of books. It’s rumoured he writes out of fear he will otherwise run out of books to read.

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