And Slice of Watermelon


In my interviews with the other Fauxpocalypse authors I asked some of them, what happened next. I’ve been thinking about that in relation to my own story “Vodka and Watermelons”, what would Susie and Sasha do next?

During my time in Israel I spent a year living and working in the Arab village of Tira. During the first Gulf War I visited my friends in the village. There was a huge contrast between their attitude and that of my friends in Jerusalem. Whereas most of the Jerusalemites felt that they were safe from Saddam’s scuds, the residents of Tira in no way felt immune. Many had sealed not only a single room, but their whole houses against what they believed was the very real possibility of a chemical attack from Iraq.

Here then is another slice of watermelon .

Image. . 

Another Slice of Watermelon

A few hours later…

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