Fauxpocalypse Part of 2014 Read an Ebook Week

Until the 11:59pm (Pacific Time) on 8th March Fauxpocalypse will be available from Smashwords at a discount.

So now is the ideal time for you or a friend to pick up a copy.

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About Dave Higgins

Dave Higgins writes speculative fiction, often with a dark edge. Despite forays into the mundane worlds of law and IT, he was unable to escape the liminal zone between mystery and horror. A creature of contradictions, he also co-writes comic sci-fi with Simon Cantan. Born in the least mystically significant part of Wiltshire, England, and raised by a librarian, he started reading shortly after birth and hasn’t stopped since. He lives with his wife, two cats, a plush altar to Lord Cthulhu, and many shelves of books. It’s rumoured he writes out of fear he will otherwise run out of books to read.

4 thoughts on “Fauxpocalypse Part of 2014 Read an Ebook Week

  1. djmatticus

    Reblogged this on The Matticus Kingdom and commented:

    Did you know that it was “Read an Ebook Week?”
    Well, it is.
    So, now you know.
    And! The most exciting part of that, is you can pick up a whole bunch of Ebooks at discounted rates, including: Fauxpocalypse – that little project I was part of that involved the end of the world, that wasn’t.
    If that sentence didn’t make any sense to you, it’s obviously because you haven’t read the book, and now is the perfect time to correct that oversight. Get on it!


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